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term and conditions

By submitting your order, online or by telephone, the subscribing school agrees to the terms and conditions set out below.

The subscribing school:

  1. will be able to logon to the website and download unlimited numbers of activities throughout the subscription period of 12 months, which will begin from the date of payment, and not before September 2005. After this period, the subscription must be renewed for another year to allow continued access.
  2. means all full-time or part- time teachers of that school (including supply teachers for the time that they are employed by the subscribing school), each of whom will be able to access the site through an individual email/password, that are set up by a designed ‘master user’ teacher.
  3. is licensed to make electronic ('pdf') and paper copies of the activities, solely for use within the institution. No 'pdf' files or paper copies may be shared with individuals outside the school, such as other teachers.
  4. must inform Primary UPD8 of any unauthorized use of the individual's email addresses/passwords.
  5. must be able to access the world wide web, to access Primary UPD8.

Primary UPD8:

  1. will contain an archive of activities aimed at years 3-6, consisting of at least 15 activities by September 2005.
  2. will produce new activities, at least once per week during term time, amounting to a minimum of 30 per year, which are added to the archive.
  3. reserves the right to remove 'old' activities from the archive, after a period of 12 months, to maintain the 'up to date' nature of the service.
  4. will not share the details of the school, or individual emails with other organisations.
  5. will provide an email address for technical enquiries (click on Contact) and make every effort possible to help. However, it cannot be responsible for computer problems that prevent access the Primary UPD8 service.
  6. will provide a phone number during office hours which schools can ring in the event of any difficulties about the service.
  7. operates a refund policy, if a school changes its mind within 30 days of subscribing. Simply phone us on 01707 283000 ( Karen Shoebottom), to cancel your subscription, and payment will be refunded.
  8. reserves all rights for the activities and graphics.
  9. will not be responsible for any damages arising from the use of the Primary UPD8 service or practical activities suggested by the service.