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At the end of February 2018 the Primary upd8 website www.primaryupd8.org.uk will close and the resources will be moved to the website of the Association for Science Education (ASE) www.ase.org.uk to become an intrinsic part of ASE’s Primary Membership.

The Association for Science Education is a membership organisation that celebrates excellence in primary science teaching and learning.

To continue to use the Primary upd8 resources your school will need to opt for an ASE Primary membership to receive it as a benefit alongside others below https://www.ase.org.uk/membership/membership-category/primary/

What will you get for your membership?

Pay one amount and any teacher at your school gets access to a whole host of benefits for primary schools including:

  • Access to all Primary upd8 and other Primary resources
  • Copies of ASE’s popular Primary Science and Education in Science journals. These include articles from expert teachers and technicians, each publication has classroom tips, policy updates, suggested resources and shared effective practice.
  • Download the ASE Primary Science Leaders’ Survival Guide for free
  • Discounts at all ASE’s CPD events - ASE has a strong community at local, regional and national levels. Our Field Officers organise local TeachMeets where people can share their favourite classroom ideas. On a slightly larger scale, the ASE Regional Conferences offer a select programme of CPD sessions.
  • ASE’s Annual Conference includes a specialist Primary programme featuring over 50 primary science CPD workshops. It brings together members from across the world to share best practice and learning.
  • Discounts on all books in the ASE Bookshop – specially selected by other primary teachers for great STEM activities and science learning.

We hope you will find ASE membership beneficial to you and your school.

The Primary upd8 Team