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As a Conference or Course delegate

Following a successful trial, ASE would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our new reduced annual subscription of £50+VAT (instead of £120+VAT) for ASE's Primary upd8 resource when you sign up as a Conference or Course delegate.

All you have to do is complete the subscription form online, enter the promotion code that you were given at the Conference or Course and you will be able to download a preprinted 'invoice' for payment. You will receive an activation email and a second email to select a password of your choice. On completion of this you are free to download any of the activities and will receive email alerts when new ones have been added to the website (approx. one activity per week during term time).

How you encourage your schools or cluster group to sign up is up to you:

  • Primary teachers may for example suggest colleagues at local schools or elsewhere complete the application form together.
  • Secondary teachers may for example encourage colleagues at other secondary schools and their feeder primaries to subscribe to Primary upd8.
  • LAs may choose to offer the reduced rate to your schools, or provide an even larger incentive by offering your schools subsidised or free subscriptions. The first LA to take advantage of the new opportunity offered their schools the reduced rate of �50 + VAT. Another has offered delegates at their Annual Primary Conference Day a year's free subscription.
  • Schools networks may apply on behalf of their SSAT, encouraging groups of schools to sign up.

Primary upd8 activities are downloadable white board presentations (with teacher notes for guidance) for all primary children which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

Why Subscribe?

  • Make the science curriculum more relevant and exciting
  • Make teaching 'scientific enquiry' skills more compelling and accessible
  • Make learning memorable and achieve better SATs results
  • Upd8s support literacy and numeracy and other cross-curricular links and make great assembly material
  • They cover all Primary (5-11 year olds) science topics and QCA units
  • They are designed to take advantage of your interactive whiteboard

Log on to www.primaryupd8.org.uk and try out Getting Lost (5-7) and Shark Attack (7-11) for free. Teach about pushes and pulls using toy cars, lorries and maps. Use the news about shark attacks to teach 'scientific enquiry: cause and effect', and 'food chains'.