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Dippy's Farewell Tour - view this activity Light SOS - view this activity Bone Detectives - view this activity

Dippy's Farewell Tour

The iconic Diplodocus skeleton in the the Natural History Museum's entrance hall is about to go on a farewell tour of the UK, as 'Dippy' makes...

Light SOS

Recently, a group of children stranded under the Dover cliffs at night had to use their mobile phones as beacons to guide the rescue services ...

Bone Detectives

Identifying and Classifying
Jake McGowen-Lowe is a teenage bone collector from Scotland. He has been collecting skulls and bones since he was six. He has recently been i...

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Random Activities

Crossing the River Stonehenge Rocks! Juicy adventure

Crossing the River

Forces and magnets
This is a KS1 activity. Children in Colombia in South America are facing a dangerous journey across a raging river to get to school and then b...

Stonehenge Rocks!

3D Rocks and soils
Archaeologists have found a huge ancient settlement used by the people who built Stonehenge. The dwellings date back to 2,600-2,500 BC - the s...

Juicy adventure

6E Forces in action
22 year old Rhys and his Dad are sailing a tiny 12ft craft down all 4,000 miles of the Mississippi, the longest river in the US. Reinforcing t...

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Activities for 5-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons.

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