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What happened to Pluto?

Topic: 5E Earth, Sun and Moon

Pluto lost its planetary status when scientists redefined what a makes a planet. Advances in technology results in new knowledge and often scientists have to review and question their original thoughts.

In this activity children learn about the scientific method. They use evidence to decide whether or not Pluto is a planet. They develop the idea of how science works to role-play their explanation in an assembly. This activity is a cross-phase activity.

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Great activity for Plutonians Jul 1st, 2012     1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star

Reviewer: Sheetal Kowalczyk
My year 5 class loved this activity - taking the perspective of them being the Plutonians made aware of the fact that Earthlings were claiming their world was no longer a planet. I used a You Tube video of a 'Plutonian' to start the activity, and a CBBC newround audio clip.
The class had to travel to Earth in groups to find out what exactly the Earth scientists were saying. Each group had a different mission, and they had to feedback to each other.
As a plenary each group had to propose a solution which would reconfer Pluto's planetary status.