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Ricky's Shelter (FREE)

Topic: 3C Characteristics of materials

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Ricky has been invited to join a Fuchs Foundation expedition to the Antarctic with his teacher Lisa Wood. Ricky is the first puppet to go to Antarctica and Lisa is the first primary teacher to be chosen. This upd8 activity is part of a project relating to this adventure.
Ricky the puppet is going to Antarctica and he needs a suitable tent to protect him from the elements. The aim of this activity is for children to choose and test materials. They will form teams and be assigned an environment e.g. the Antarctic, by their teacher. They will investigate materials and make reasoned choices, depending on the properties, to build a shelter.

This activity is extended to look at suitable materials to make shelters for different environments. The children will make a class presentation to describe what choices they made and why.
To find out more about Fuchs Foundation expedition visit http://www.fuchsfoundation.org/
To find out more about the project, and get more involved, visit http://antarcticapuppet.primaryblogger.co.uk. Children can communicate their ideas to Ricky via this blog.

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