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Pesky Potholes

Topic: 3D Rocks and soils

Recent snow and ice has caused more potholes to form on the country's roads forcing councils to spend more time and money on fixing them.
Potholes are formed by water penetrating the asphalt surface of a road through cracks caused by traffic. When temperatures plunge, the water freezes, expands and causes the surface to rupture. When the ice melts, it leaves a void below the surface, which caves in under the stress of vehicles and eventually forms a pothole.

In this activity children will investigate how rocks react differently when in water. They will do this by testing the permeability of a selection of rocks.

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Year 4 end of unit Jan 2nd, 2015     1 Star 2 Star 3 Star 4 Star

Reviewer: Jon Lindsay
Used this at the end of a unit on rocks. My Year 4s loved it, as it pulled together their knowledge, stretched their application of that knowledge, and was messy! Great for assessment.