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Primary upd8 can help you deliver working scientifically and support your literacy and numeracy work through a series of high-quality, engaging science activities for 5 to 11 year olds. Each activity comes as an editable PowerPoint presentation using a current event or an everyday life context to help make your science lessons more enjoyable and engage young people. New activities are added regularly to the website during term time.

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  • Make the science curriculum more relevant and exciting
  • Make teaching 'Working Scientifically' skills more compelling and accessible
  • Make learning memorable with new approaches detailed in the teacher support guidance
  • Use activities that support literacy and numeracy and other cross-curricular links and make great assembly material
  • Cover all Primary 5-11 year olds science topics

Primary upd8 activities make science relevant using the power of topicality. Every week interesting science pops out of the news and popular culture. We create the bridge to the curriculum, with punchy activities that hook young people.